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Gelato is Italy’s version of ice cream, and was the first style of ice cream to reach the United States from Europe. Gelato and ice cream share similar ingredients in different proportions and are blended and frozen together differently. Gelato contains much less fat than American ice cream (about half the 14-16% fat by weight found in most super-premium ice creams), and has far less air whipped into the final product. The result is a dense, creamy treat with intense, clean flavor and an incredibly smooth, silky texture.

Authentic gelato is made from a short list of simple ingredients: milk, cream, skim-milk powder, dextrose and sugar, and quality flavoring ingredients like ground pistachios, shredded coconut, and pure fruit purees.

In Italy, gelato remains mostly a family endeavor, with gelato made fresh on site almost daily. American ice cream consists of a high fat recipe adapted to large scale industrial production, ultra-long shelf life, and economies of scale. Taste the difference!!

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